Owl King Pourer

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Color – Brass

The Owl King Pourer features a wise and watchful design inspired by this nocturnal bird of prey. The piercing gaze of our Owl King Pourer, while sitting in his beloved tree, resembles those who value wisdom and knowledge. However, some animals seem to be more knowledgeable…

The Silver Owl King Pourer is silver-plated with a layer of 35µm. 
The Golden Owl King Pourer is 24 karat gold-plated with a layer of 5µm.

The Owl King Pourer weighs around 195 grams (6.9 oz) and is 5,5 cm high and 4cm wide (2.1 inches high and 1.8 inches wide).

All of our pourers are packaged inside a luxurious. We also add 2 rubbers inserts which you can slide on the bottom part, so you can use our jewelry pourer on bottles with a small and large opening.

Production time

All of our pourers are handmade to order and we usually ship out within 4 weeks. We will contact you via email after the order has been received, and keep you updated!


For shipping we use UPS and we charge no shipping costs for shipments within EU, North America and South America.