Welcome to the House of Hymnia website, the place where you can browse and buy our luxury jewelry pourers! The company was founded in 2023 by Simon in the Netherlands, in a town called Haarlem near Amsterdam.

Like so many in this world, we enjoy having an alcoholic beverage every now and then. We also have a weak spot for high detail jewelry and started designing some pieces for ourselves. Combining our thirstiness for an alcoholic drink and our interest in jewelry, the idea for a pourer designed as a jewelry piece was born. The first design we made and used was for private purpose only, and basically just having a laugh. However, after receiving so much positive feedback from friends and family, we’ve decided to take the next step. This led to the creation of House of Hymnia; the place where the gods sing, and the people drink!

The Craftsmanship

We’re extremely proud that all of our production and finishing is done in the Netherlands, by great craftsmen using only the best raw materials. Our jewelry pourers are handmade and casted via the lost-wax method. A meticulous polishing process accentuates every intricate detail, while a specialized treatment brings forth the amazing depth and contrast in the jewelry pieces. Finally, they are finished with a special lacquer, ensuring your jewelry pourer will stay shiny and beautiful for years to come!

The Celebration

House of Hymnia is blending the world of jewelry and beverage accessories together, resulting in the creation of bottle jewelry! We believe that life is meant to be celebrated, and what better way to do so with a drink and a nice piece of jewelry? Whether it's a night out with friends, pouring someone a drink at a bar or a quiet evening at home, our jewelry pourers are meant to be enjoyed and cherished for years to come!